Saturday, November 27, 2010

How do 3d tvs work

With all the 3d tvs and big blockbuster 3d movies, have you ever wondered how 3d tvs work? I mean whats better then feeling like your in your favorite movie, those scary movies have a whole other effect in 3d.You'll jump right out your seat when an axe seems like its being throwed at your head. Well lucky for us the big name companys have been trying to come up with the best products. They've come a long way from the red and blue glasses to developing 3d tvs without glasses.
basically what they do is trick our eyes into thinking that the image is popping off the screen. See our eyes view images at a slightly different perception,this is how our brain calulates distance and depth, this is called parallax. So for samsung,sony or panasonic to trick our poor little minds they have to make a very slightly different image to each seperate eye which is called stereoscopy.

How do 3d Glasses work
They've got all these different type of ugly glasses that you have to wear. The old school red and blue 3d glasses which blocks one layer of each eye,works with anaglyph images and are being replaced by the more modern polarized glasses.The anaglyph glasses made for poor quality images and would make people nauseas. The polarized type work pretty much the same way as the red and blue except it brings the images in full color.These are the type used in movie theaters all around and are very cheap and the best option in my opinion.Then you have the shutter lens 3d glasses, They just block out the vision in each eye by blacking out each lens very rapidly. These are usually kinda expensive for glasses and their not fasionable at all. These bulky shutter glasses have been known to cause head aches to some people also because 120 hzs refresh rate for fast moving pictures is to slow.Another disadvantage of these are that they use batteries,that could be terrible if they go dead in the good part of a movie.

3d tvs Without Glasses
Nobody wants to wear glasses to watch television, Guess what! You dont have to wait long, 3d tvs without glasses work kinda the same way as the others with trickery which is called autostereoscopy. With these types all of the trickery is done within the television.I think this is going to be the best option in the future with the technologies that we have at this point in time.

With new technology and the advancement of everything, it seems were already in the future. soon we could be talking to each other in hologram form and much more.Entertainment is also coming to the future with 3d gaming, movies and other things.You can stay tuned for all your 3d information and 3d product reviews. Thanks for visiting 3d tvs|3d movies dont forget to subscribe to the feed and jump on the 3d train.Thats all for how do 3d tvs work.